MARIPHIL Children’s Village started up in January 2012 and has been growing bigger since.

In the time from 2012 to 2014, 8 houses have been built. In 6 of these houses there are already 10 former street children living.

Since the beginning, MARIPHIL Children’s Village has been committed to environmental protection as well as the highest possible independence. This is why our gardener installed a 100% organic vegetable garden, which contributes a considerable amount to the nutrition.

The biologic animal farming offers a field of learning to our children and provides important viands like fish and meat for the Children’s Village. At the moment we have 20 pigs, 6 goats and a couple of hundred fish in our fish pond.

In 2012 a pioneer project started up in our Children’s Village – For the first time on Mindanao, a grid conncted 41 kW solar facility under the Netmetering-Agreement has been installed, which enables us to use the renewable solar energy as sustainably as possible.

75% of released children could be successfully reintegrated into their families (Status September 2014).

Since October 2013 MARIPHIL Children’s Village is part of the “weltwärts”-program and supports young and dedicated people to socially contribute to society.

We have been actively working on the streets of Panabo since the opening of the Children’s Village, in order to support current street children with different programs, as well as to perform sexual elucidation and to make people aware of children’s rights.

The “Feeding Program” takes place twice a month in collaboration with the kid’s group “Community Service Club”. This is a way in which former street children, who now live in the Children’s Village, can help current street children by distributing food and lending an open ear. 



MARIPHIL Children's Village
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