The Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas) is situated in the western Pacific Ocean and is part of South-East-Asia. The South-Chinese-Sea separates the archipelago from Vietnam in the west, the Celebes Sea from Indonesia in the south. The Philippines consist of 7.107 islands of which only about 2.000 are inhabited. The archipelago is divided into three main islands: Luzon (where the capital city Manila is located), the Visayas and Mindanao. 

We are working on the island of Mindanao, the so called “almshouse” of the Philippines. Our project area spans the cantons of Carmen and Panabo, which is about 50 km north of Davao. There are about 220.000 people living in this area. A lot of them live at the subsistence level without any hope of ever overcoming their situation without any support.

The climate in the Philippines is greatly affected by the closeness of the ocean, which is never more than 200 km away from the coast. The position of the islands in the lower tropical latitudes and the influence of the surrounding seas cause a pretty stable temperature of about 26°C with only small deviations throughout the year.

During the time from August to October, typhoons often pass over the middle and the north of the Philippines. In the past few years an increase in the number and strength of the typhoons could be observed, which obviously has a negative effect on the progress of the country. Fortunately our project area was mostly not affected by these strong typhoons. In December 2012 typhoon Pablo/Bopha hit an area about 50 km from the Children’s Village, causing devastating casualties for the people living there. At this point we would like to thank you all for supporting our relief action. Luckily it did not cause any bigger damages in our region. In November 2013 the super-typhoon Yolanda (local name for typhoon Haiyan) struck the Visaya islands. Luckily, we were again not affected by it. Our thoughts are still with all the victims of these typhoons. 


The Mariphil Area of Operation


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