Anger Management

01/10/2016 13:00

Everyone knows the situations, which upsets one totally. One has the feeling to lose the control and it feels hard to have a clear mind. Mama Rosalie describes it with “Init sa ulo” (English: hot head) - we are talking about the emotion anger. Day for day the housemothers are confronted with this emotion, whether they want or not. Psychologist Teof tries to explain these emotions to the mothers and how to deal with them. First it’s important to understand, that anger isn’t a bad emotion. But it’s decisively, to have the ability to control the anger. In group work they had to find out, which situations makes them angry, what are their reactions to them and are the reactions helpful or not. With big interest the house mothers took part at this event and they exchanged their experiences about this topic. They benefited a lot from this offer, so that they can react more relaxed when a situation like this happens the next time.



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