Art Club

11/05/2015 16:50

Art Club with Ate Marisa

The Art Club is open for all those who enjoy crafting, drawing, painting, and just being creative. It takes place every Saturday morning and its twelve enthusiastic members each have been accomplishing a few rather impressing pieces of art. The first project resulted in fish of all colors and sizes made of balloons and papier-mâché dangling from the ceiling. Next, the children redesigned portraits of themselves and drew comics recreating the style of the famous artist Roy Lichtenstein. Some members enjoyed that task so much that they created more than one masterpiece. The latest project are shimmering mosaic-fish and a drawn cooking recipe of one’s own favorite dish. Certainly, Ate Marisa, the Arts Club’s creative head, will not run out of ideas and thus, there will be many more great art works.




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