Christmas at MARIPHIL Children´s Village

03/01/2015 16:31

As you can see, nothing was missing to have a wonderful Christmas at MARIPHIL Children’s Village: dinner together, a nativity scene presented as a shadow show, and finally a late mass at the church nearby – it was all there on Christmas Eve. However, the much longed-for handing out of presents took place not till a tasty midnight snack, as it is good custom here in the Philippines. That demanded quite a lot of patience! But that all the waiting was worth it could be seen in the shining eyes of the children when it eventually came to the unwrapping of the presents! The Christmas party in the village the following day was a thorough success with creative presentations of the various houses, an impressive magic- and acrobatic-show amazing not only for the little ones. The day was rounded off with a delicious lunch, sponsored by the Philippine chairman of MARIPHIL Children´s Village. Especially the children, but also staff and volunteers enjoyed the party, although some of us were really tired :)



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