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In order for the kids to be able to engage in their particular interests in their free time and to support their talents and individual skills, the German volunteers offer various so called Kids-Clubs at the week-end. The children can choose two clubs each in which they should participate regularly. Because of the great variety of different clubs it’s not an easy decision…So that you can get a better impression of our week-end activities in the Children´s Village, from now on there will be presented some of the clubs. Let´s start with our Music Club:

Music-Club with Ate Carolin and Ate Anika

The Music Club with the focus on the flute is one of the newly offered clubs since January. Education of rhythm, ear training and reading music are included in the practice instructed by the two German volunteers. Right after finishing their first lesson the two musicians could tell that the rhythm comes naturally to the Philippine kids and that their students are very fast learners especially since they only played by ear before. The MARIPHIL children are really motivated to discover the new and unfamiliar instrument and are having fun even with learning the notes.

Thanks for all the donations of flutes to MARIPHIL Children´s Village which give the kids the chance to get a musical education.



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