Fate report

02/03/2017 00:52

How deserate should be the situation of a seven year old boy in order to report his father to the police and ask for help?
On a monday afternoon there were two skinny children standing in the gym of the Children’s Village. Barefoot, in clothing scraps, the arms full of scars and scratches.
Around them some Policemen and the father apart.
As Dave, the older brother, saw the police car which was just about to go to the police station in San Vincente (Panabo) he immediately ran towards and asked them for help.
The boy was all in tears with a swollen cheek. His drunk father has just been hitting his son with a water container.
Violence was a sad reality for the boys at home. As the father was returning from work in the afternoon he started to drink. And with alcohol aggression occured.
The mother of both of them fled from the punishment of her husband when the children have just been babies. At the age of only 7 Dave had to take responsibility and care of his little brother Marc-Jay. Because nobody wanted to look after the siblings they were completely on their own.
Within their first few days in the children’s village we could observe already positive developments. In the beginning a little bit shy, they are now full of joy, playing with their new found friends.
We all feel how they get more open, cheerful und happy within every second. For how long these two haven’t been smiling? We don’t know. But we know we want to give them a home where they can just be what they are - children.



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