Fresh fruits from the Children's Village farm

19/08/2018 09:01

Banana and rice fields characterize the landscape of the Philippines. Of course, there are also bananas on the Children's Village farm. Our Gardener Larry explains that there are six plantain plants on the farm beside the common fruit bananas. This banana specie is used in the Philippines similar to a potato in Germany. It is usually cooked, fried or roast. After the harvest, Larry sells the bananas for 7 peso per kilo to the housemothers who make a delicious snack in the afternoon - bananenchips are especially popular with children!
To the joy of children and volunteers, the rambutan season began in August. The White Pulp of the tropical plant is reminiscent of that of a lychee. Like this fruit, rambutan belongs also to the soapberry family and is mainly found in Southeast Asia. At the moment you find the very sweet flavoured fruit not only on the market in Panabo, but you can also pick it directly form the plants on the farm of the Children's Village. Lami (delicious)!



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