Holiday Program - Green Week

03/06/2015 15:51

The green week dealt with everything there is to know about our precious planet. The kids learnt about climate change and its causes. A seminar about sustainability helped them in developing ways to protect the environment. During the big trash rally all houses competed in collecting all the garbage on the village grounds. Afterwards they were tasked to craft a statue with their findings, the outcome of which was very impressive. They also had the chance to show their art skills in crafting and designing costumes with plastic bags, crocheting bags with cellophane and creating animals from paper plates. A parkour for the senses was set up, which challenged the kids to focus on using different kinds of senses in order to be completed. Different water experiments not only proofed to be very refreshing in the hot midday sun, but also taught the kids a lot about this essential element, which is such an important resource for us. It was an exciting and enlightening week for all the kids, which dealt with a lot of important issues, such as sustainability, environmental protection, animal rights etc.




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