Holiday Program - Indian Week

03/06/2015 15:56

During the Indian Week the MARIPHIL Children’s Village turned into the Wild West. Three Indian tribes: “Navaho”, “Avani” and “Kaska” were fighting a great battle to earn the honor and power as strongest tribe. All Native Indians were ready to fight and motivated to face the different challenges. In a ritual ceremony every child received his Native Indian name and was allocated to his tribe. In order to make the transformation complete, every tribe member made their own headdress and put on raggery. Each tribe elected their chief who was responsible for keeping the chief stick and watching the pearls, which were earned as a reward for the different challenges. The tribal cheer was an important ritual throughout the week. All Indians had great fun making their own dream catchers, painting their own tribal stake, building and shooting arrows and performing their own Native Indian dance. The highlight of the week was the battling of the tribes in the big treasure hunt. In the end the “Navaho-tribe” was able to collect the most pearls and all members were rewarded with the opportunity to do horseback riding in Davao, which they were very excited about. The closing ceremony was a big bonfire, which was able to restore peace between all rival groups. 




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