Indoor Games and Puzzle Club

14/05/2015 14:08

Indoor-Games and Puzzle-Club with Kuya Lukas
 Every Sunday morning the Children’s Hall is turned into a ’gambling house‘: besides toy blocks, games like Pairs, Connect Four, chess, ludo, Mikado, Lotti Karotti and many, many more are unboxed for the Indoor-Games-Club. At the same time, the Puzzle-Club takes place where Ate Lilo and the children feverishly search for fitting parts of the various jigsaws. Many of our children have difficulties in playing together and concentrating on a task for a longer time span or tidying up afterwards. One plain reason for this is that in their old lives too often no one bothered to spend much quality time with them so intensively. Therefore, by just playing simple board- and parlor-games with the children they learn so much more than just the rules of a game or solving a puzzle.



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