Market Day

24/11/2017 00:00

One important part of the weekly tasks of our housemothers is the so-called market day. Together they set out for the public market of Panabo City to buy the food for the whole week for their respective family. As there is a general menu for the children´s village, all housemothers have got the same grocery list. First of all, they get the vegetables and fruits from the public market. Side by side on a muddy ground there are tables full of carrots, eggplants, garlic, ginger and much more. After having bought the vegetables their shopping bags are already filled to the brim - but that´s not an issue! The bags can be temporarily stored at one of the market stalls. At the fruit market the variety of exotic fruits you’ve never seen in Europe is overwhelming. Just around the corner each of the housemothers buys around 30 eggs, oil and gas for cooking. Next stop is the mall to get school supplies for the children. Furthermore, additional needs like milk, toilet paper or snacks are bought in the supermarket. To successfully finish their “shopping trip” the housemothers have to go back to the market to buy fresh fish and meat. By entering the crowded market hall, you walk into a mix of different smells which takes some getting used to. Fortunately, our housemothers are well experienced and cannot be disturbed by their environment.  Finally, the stored bags are loaded into a tricycle until the vehicle is full to bursting but still drives the housemothers safely back to the village. A true shopping marathon our housemothers have to cope with every week!



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