Medical and Dental Mission in MARIPHIL Children’s Village!

02/11/2014 20:22

A total of 151 persons underwent a free medical and dental check-up and treatment conducted by several doctors and dentists in the Children’s Village. The target group that was selected were socially disadvantaged families especially their kids. They live in Panabo City and these kids are addressed in different prevention programs by our social workers.

The health status of these kids is usually quite bad. They are suffering from parasites, lice, malnutrition and have different sicknesses like fever, cold, asthma, skin rashes etc. Due to the poor dental hygiene situation of these families, many teeth had to be extracted. Medical check-ups and treatments are commonly not affordable to them. 


And as we know already, these kids are always hungry. Therefore our House Mamas cooked several big pots of Arozcaldo for the small patients. 

This program became possible because of the generous voluntary assistance of 2 dentists and 3 doctors who checked-up 108 children and 43 adults within one afternoon. 

Thank you as well to all sponsors of the medical equipment and the medicines!

With your support, the MARIPHIL staff wishes to have many more programs like that :)



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