Search for Miss MARIPHIL 2017

25/10/2017 12:37

“Clear the stage and welcome to our Search for Miss MARIPHIL 2017!” was shouted out to an excited audience on Saturday afternoon.
The event was organized by the Philippine social work interns at the special request of our children. The evening before, the five teams were already designing their outfits made of newspaper for the big show. Finally, one girl of each group was chosen to present the self-made dresses on the catwalk. But not only modeling was part of the program: many other children had the chance to present their talents on stage so that the audience was also entertained by various songs or dance performances - even the social workers had their presentation! The judges, consisting of children´s village director Karren, nurse Kring Kring and psychologist Teof, had the honour of evaluating the models based on different categories such as beauty, confidence or creativity. Definitely not an easy choice, but at the end a proud Miss MARIPHIL 2017 was crowned - congratulations!



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