Sports festival at MARIPHIL

04/12/2017 10:07

Last Thursday a special sports event was taking place in MARIPHIL Children´s Village: Athletes who live in another institution which cares for children in need travelled from Davao to Panabo to compete with our kids in various disciplines.
After a short warm-up - even the housemothers and office staff took part and danced enthusiastically - everyone was ready for the competition. In the morning running, Volleyball and Basketball were on the schedule. Even though the sun was beating down the boys gave their all in the following football game. The exhausted but happy MARIPHIL team could win a hard fought game not before stoppage time. In the meantime, Badminton players quickly moving their rackets through the air fascinated the spectators with one long rally after another. Certainly, one highlight of the sports fest was “Sepak Takraw”, a popular Southeast Asian ball sports. The representatives of both institutions seriously competed against each other in the game similar to volleyball but the rules only allow them to touch the ball with their feet or heads. Thus, very acrobatic scenes could be seen. At least viewed from the outside the chess match seemed more quiet. But when looking closely one could see the physical effort of highly concentrated players.
At the end of a long day full of sweat, fun and excitement all participants were tired but satisfied with their performance. Only with a narrow lead the trophy went to the MARIPHIL children, which means that also the next sport fest will be hosted by MARIPHIL!
We hope to welcome even more participants of different social welfare institutions in MARIPHIL Children´s Village in 2018 but still be able to defend the title



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