Summerholiday Program - Week 1

17/04/2018 00:00

The second week of the German volunteers´ Holiday Program has already started and not just us, but especially the kids could burn off energy in various activities and let their creativity run free. Especially the younger children enjoy the classics such as "Fire, Water, Storm", "Bad Egg", "Stop Dancing" or "Sack Race", while the older ones prefer ball games like “Dodge Ball”. Of course we also got to know some of the children´s favorite traditional Filipino games.
However, at the top of the games popularity scale is "Capture the Flag" - a racing and catching game in which the flag of the opposing team must first be found and then conquered. A sweaty affair at the temperature of more than 30 degrees!
In addition to the athletic activities, there was also a paper airplane competition and each child could design his own T-shirt. With great dedication the children painted the whole day in our Children´s Hall and the “big kids” supported the younger ones, so that in the evening all newly designed Shirts had the desired look. When the weather did not cooperate, we literally threw the program overboard and in tropical heavy rain the children let their self-made boats swim over the huge puddles!
We are really looking forward to the coming weeks of our Holiday Program in MARIPHIL Children´s Village and want to thank our sponsors for their support of our activities!



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