„The most important thing is knowing yourself, before you can take care of others!”

31/03/2017 02:04

According to the motto “self-awareness, self-understanding and self-management” a two-day development program for our housemothers took place in “Ateneo University of Davao”. The program was conducted by two psychologists from the university and intended to give the participants the chance to take a look at themselves: Which role do I have in life? Which are my strengths and weaknesses? Discussing these questions should help the housemothers to cope with their often challenging work in dealing with the children in a positive way.  They learned, that if they can´t handle their own negative feelings it will impact others, especially the children. Being in constant contact with the kids makes it necessary to know and understand oneself in order to handle and reflect one´s feelings.
The program also served to strengthen the relationship among the employees even further in order to maintain the positive working climate in the children´s village. The housemamas attended the program with great enthusiasm and seriousness and they became aware of possible changes in their work with the children. To consider the results of the training: Above all, we must never forget ourselves, for whoever loses himself can no longer be a great support for others - and the mamas in the village are by far the most important support for our children!
We are grateful that the MARIPHIL housemothers - and with that our children - could benefit from the training. Thanks to all who made this possible!



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