Valentines Party

15/02/2018 00:00

MARIPHIL Children´s Village not celebrating Valentine´s Day? Unthinkable! Yesterday morning everybody lent a hand and together children, volunteers and staff helped to prepare flowers and hearts for the decoration. The whole day the kids excitedly waited for the program to start after dinner.

This year´s party was a little bit different than the ones before as it was not all about couples. Instead, it was more about the love for the family. At the beginning, some of our children read letters they had written for their house mothers and thanked them for their love, devotion and reliability. Following this, everyone could hand out a little heart to the person which is very important to him – many of these hearts went to our house mothers! This first part of the evening was very emotional and especially the Mamas were really touched by the great appreciation.

But of course there was also a second part full of fun because in addition to the day of love the village had two birthdays to celebrate. In different games, like putting pieces of a heart together as fast as possible, the houses competed against each other. At the end of the Valentine´s Day everyone enjoyed muffins and possibly not only our house mothers went with a big smile to bed.





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